22 February

An innocent conversation

Usually great ideas start in the garage, however this one started on a couch. The credit goes to Mike on this one as it was his idea to start with a kit and a Big Mouth Bubbler, however Brant is a go big or go home kind of guy so we decided on a 15 gallon HERMS system from Spike Brewing. You can't go wrong with "buy once, cry once."

18 August

Pineapple Tamer

Our first all grain batch on our new Spike system was made for sipping by the pool in the South Carolina heat. A pineapple ipa packed with 18 lbs of pineapple and featuring Zythos hops to bring out the pineapple taste, we tamed the pineapple with this one.

24 June

Go for the Juggler

We like to call this Mike's first born child, a black ipa with a bit of a surprise. Poking around the grain bins leads to inspiration. The chocolate rye and pacific jade lends a bit of spice to this drink which is then smoothed out with the use of Belgian dark candy sugar.

29 September

Strongman Dubble Ale

An invention of Dave tweaked by the Belgian loving Brant our yeast master this Belgian-style dubble ale is turning out to be a crowd-pleaser.  Rather simple as the style should be we allow our hybrid yeast blend of Belgian and Trappist yeast to do the flavor lifting with great plum and banana notes.

29 December

Sword Swallower Stout

Brant has fond memories growing up of his mom making chocolate covered cherries for Christmas. This is an ode to those times past. This stout is packed with cherries, chocolate, whiskey, and vanilla beans giving it a very smooth mouth feel.

16 February

PT Baileys Irish Red Cream Ale

We don't do anything simple around here, brewed for St. Patrick's day we aged a typical Irish red cream ale on oak soaked in Bailey's and racked onto Jamison whiskey, coffee, and vanilla beans to be dubbed "beer cream soda."

2 March

Clown Car

We got an issue Mike now has two children and has to decide which is his favorite. This imperial ipa is super smooth and will make an IPA drinker out of those that don't like the bitterness that the style usually has at a deceptive 100 IBUs. The Motueka hops are the star providing great flavors of grapefruit and passion fruit.

14 March

The start of a business

Things are starting to get serious around here the LLC has officially been formed upwards and onwards.

20 April

Our first contest

What a great opportunity we had to present our beer at Chucktown Brewdown in Charleston, SC. While we didn't take home any awards we learned a lot and slung some great beers. We have finally presented our product to non-friends and neighbors and received tremendous feedback from people that are ready and waiting for the next chapter.

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